163-Year-Old Man: What is the Fuss on TikTok All About?

It’s very uncommon to see all kinds of things become viral on the internet, particularly on social media sites like TikTok. And just last week, a video that went viral on TikTok sparked many rumors and conjectures.

Recently, a video of a man with the purported age of 163 years old on TikTok became popular on the account @auyary13. Even though videos had been submitted to the account since January 2022, attention to the profile only began to grow in February.

163-Year-Old Man What is the Fuss on TikTok All About

Who is TikTok’s, 163-year-old man?

When his daughter, user @auyary13, submitted a video of him on TikTok in late 2021, the platform found its oldest star. In the first video to become viral, Auyary is seen walking toward her father, who is seated on the floor of a modest home. When she gets close, he waves her over and smiles as they appear to hug.

In this video, the man seems to be younger than he is in the majority of Auyary’s uploads. Even though he still has hair, his face seems much fuller. Based on later films and the man’s extremely thin limbs and lack of hair, the man appears to be considerably older. In later videos, he also seems to be battling much more with his health.

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Based on his appearance, Auyary’s father seems to be a Thai monk. The elderly guy may be seen lying in bed, talking to his daughter, or just sitting up in some of the most well-liked videos on the account. The aging Monk seems to interest people, as evidenced by the abundance of inquiries and observations about him in the account’s comment sections. The majority of readers appear to be just captivated by the sight of someone who has lived such a long life, while some seem to be being quite rude by making jokes and comparisons.

Is he 163 years old?

During his initial few video appearances, the notion that Auyary’s father is 163 years old soon gained traction on the app. Nevertheless, his daughter quickly disproved the absurdly high age and clarified that her father is just 109 years old, according to Dexerto. By practically everyone’s standards, it’s still a remarkable age, but it’s not quite the record-breaker many people had first assumed.

Early in 2022, especially after hearing that her father was going to the hospital, Auyary’s films began to go popular. There are hundreds of thousands of views on the films announcing and describing his trip to the hospital, as well as comments from worried fans inquiring about his health.

After his discharge from the hospital, Auyary’s father gained even greater popularity. Subsequent recordings appear to show him on a hospital bed in the house of the family, but he looks to have made significant progress. In the videos, he can occasionally sit up and feed himself. He even dances in one.

Once the author posted a video of Auyary’s father when he was younger, viewers had a chance to see what he once looked like. Auyary found a vintage photo of her father via the My Heritage app. Her father can be seen scowling, casting a glance around, and slightly moving his head in the uncomplicated video that appears to utilize a filter to lend life to the image.

A couple of Auyary’s films have amassed tens of millions of views, demonstrating his enormous popularity. The most popular video on her Instagram depicts her father sitting down and placing his hands on the head of a little child. More than 74 million people have seen the film, and hundreds of people have commented in support.

Theories have circulated that Auyary’s father engages in Sokushinbutsu, an extraordinary sort of self-discipline that has historically led to the self-mummification of several dozen Monks. The technique is highly uncommon and has only been recognized in a small number of occurrences, but according to All That’s Interesting, it was documented in a few instances between 1081 and 1903. Sokushinbutsu, also known as “becoming a Buddha in this body,” has mostly been documented in Japan as opposed to Thailand, where Auyary’s family is thought to reside.

Is the supposedly 163-year-old man practicing self-mummification?

In the films being circulated, an elderly guy lying on a hospital bed in Thailand appears to be very weak and thin.

As this man’s films began to circulate on people’s “For You Page,” everyone began to assume various things about him. Some even went so far as to claim that the alleged 163-year-old guy is a monk who engages in Sokushinbutsu, the practice of self-mummification. One can become a mummy while still alive thanks to a common Buddhist practice.

Although rumors assert that the purported monk is engaging in such activity, the rumors are false.

The truth revealed behind the 163-year-old man

Yai’s videos on TikTok are managed by Ayuary, and fans have gone bonkers over the man’s videos, making wild assumptions about his age and other details. Several others expressed their fascination with the “163-year-old monk,” while others made fun of it.

The truth revealed behind the 163-year-old man

The guy may be seen in some of his most popular films either lying down on the hospital bed or having a conversation with his granddaughter. And millions of people have seen these films.

The most popular video shows a man sitting on a bed and placing both of his hands on a little child’s head. About 10,000 comments have been left on one video alone, which has had over 74 million views.

There is no doubt, however, that the guy is not 163, given that it is physiologically impossible for a person to live longer than 120 to 150 years. Thus, you shouldn’t believe everything you read or see online.

As of 2022, Juan Vicente Pére, who is 112 years old, will be the oldest person in the world.

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