A Florida family has an issue with their electric automobile: a replacement battery is more expensive than the car itself.


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After purchasing a used electric car, a Florida family encountered a significant issue: the battery replacement for their dead automobile ended up costing more than what the old car was purchased for.

According to KVUE, 17-year-old Avery Siwinski’s parents paid $11,000 on a used Ford Focus Electric that was purchased in 2014 and had 60,000 miles on it at the time.

Before the car started causing the adolescent problems and the dashboard started flashing signals, she possessed the vehicle for six months.

It was okay at first, according to Siwinski. “I absolutely adored it. It was peaceful, little, and adorable. And then it abruptly quit functioning.

Ford Focus Electric 2014 (Image courtesy of Getty Images / National Motor Museum through Heritage Images)

She informed the news organization that after sending the automobile to a mechanic, it stopped working, and the family later learned that the battery needed to be changed.

The issue? According to the news source, an electric car battery costs $14,000.

Because Siwinski’s father passed away in June from colon cancer, her grandfather stepped in to assist with the automobile issues.


The Ford Focus Electric, is one of four EVs featured in a story on electric vehicles at the auto show in Toronto on February 17, 2014, for Family Day at the Canadian International Motor Show. (Image courtesy of David Cooper/The Toronto Star via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Her grandfather, Ray Siwinski, stated, “The Ford dealership had told us we could replace the battery. It would only set you back $14,000.

The family then learned that those particular batteries were no longer readily accessible since the Ford model had been retired.

The batteries were not even readily available, Siwinski added. So that wasn’t important. Even if they were twice as expensive, we still couldn’t afford them.

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