Apple Music Replay 2022: How to See and Share it?

With the Replay playlist, Apple enables you to view your favorite Apple Music tracks. Users can now check what songs and artists they have been addicted to on the service this time as the year draws to a close. Below is information on how to view your Apple Music Replay 2022.

Only behind Spotify, Apple Music is the second-most popular music streaming service worldwide. Of the 525 million people that listen to music online worldwide, it provides songs to 15% of those people. If you belong to this group of users, you may currently view your year’s top points.

Wrapped is accessible on Spotify as well, although it won’t be till December as Apple Music Replay is. The Apple replay, meanwhile, is available all year long for access and viewing.

Apple Music Replay 2022: What is it?

Application Music Replay describes and identifies your yearly musical listening patterns. It provides information on the musicians, songs, and albums you listen to the most. Your most-played songs may then be assembled into a playlist that you can share with your friends.

Using your Apple Music listening history, the number of plays, and the amount of time spent listening to a song, artist, or album, Apple determines and keeps track of your top songs, albums, and artists throughout the year.

Apple Music Replay 2022 What is it

After that, it compiles the information for that year so you may retrieve it via Apple Music Replay. The fact that the feature is accessible all year round is the nicest aspect. Baby V, a Twitter user, first saw it in February 2022.

How to get your Apple Music Replay

You can revisit the songs that characterized your year with Apple Music Replay. Learn more about the music you like throughout the year. Get a playlist of your favorite songs from the year, one for each year you’ve been an Apple Music subscriber.

How Apple Music Replay works

Your top songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, and stations are determined by Apple Music Replay using:

  • Your Apple Music listening history
  • The number of times a song, artist, album, playlist, genre, and stathashave been played
  • Duration of listening to a certain song, artist, album, playlist, genre, and station

How to See your Apple Music Replay 2022?

It’s a fairly easy approach to viewing your Apple Music Replay 2022. Take these actions:

  • Open the Apple Music application.
  • Click “Listen Now” right now.
  • Then, locate “Replay: Your Top Tracks by Year” by scrolling down.
  • Next, select the first choice to access this year’s Replay playlist, which is updated weekly and contains all favorite songs.
  • How to See your Apple Music Replay 2022

I’m done now. Now you can discover who you’ve been listening to the most this year and whose albums and songs you enjoy the most. You may share this playlist with friends or listen to it again.

To do that, simply touch on the “+” symbol after opening a Replay playlist. Then, share the playlist on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site. You may check the playlist from the prior year on Apple as well.

How to View your Apple Music Replay Listening Stats?

You may examine your Apple Music Replay listening statistics as well. You’ll need to utilize a web browser for that. Using Safari on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone is something we’d advise. After preparing, proceed as follows:

  • Use your device’s Safari to access this URL.
  • Use your Apple ID and password from Apple Music to log in now.
  • Next, locate and select “Get Your Replay Mix.”

How to View your Apple Music Replay Listening Stats

  • Your listening statistics for the entire year will then appear in an understandable graphic.

The musicians you have listened to the most this year and the number of hours you have spent listening to their music are included in the statistics. Also, you can view your top 10 albums and their precise play counts.

While not particularly practical, it is entertaining to watch. You may then post it on your social media accounts to share your musical preferences with your friends and followers. Maybe you could just play everything you’ve already played this year again.

Everything of it is up to you. Which musician have you been listening to the most this year? EMILEM was mine. Put yours in the comment section.

How to find and share your Replay playlist

  1. Activate the Apple Music app.
  2. Click on Listen Now.
  3. Your Top Songs by Year may be found by scrolling down. Here are some options:
  • See your favorite songs from this year in one weekly-updated playlist by opening the Replay playlist.
  • See the Replay playlists you’ve created in the past.
  • Your library will now include your Replay playlist. Open a Replay playlist and choose +Add or press Add.
  • Share your Replay playlist on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you can’t see Replay

You might want to turn up the music. To determine how much music you need to listen to, look for a progress indicator on the Replay website. You’ll be informed that your Replay is prepared when you’ve listened to enough music.

The replay does not appear if Use Listening History is not enabled on all of your devices.

  • Go to Settings > Music on your iPhone or iPad and enable Use Listening History.
  • On your Mac, choose Use Listening History under the General tab in the Apple Music app’s Music > Settings menu.
  • On an Android device, press the More icon at the top of the Apple Music app, select Settings, and then toggle Use Listening History on.

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