Arby’s introduces the ghost pepper-spiked Diablo Dare sandwich.

There are two types of spicy food: palatable and unpleasant. Arby’s recently unveiled a new sandwich, claiming that it is so hot that every client who buys one would receive a free milkshake.
The fast food franchise unveiled its Diablo Dare, which comes with either crispy chicken or smoked brisket. The sandwich was seasoned with a variety of spices, including ghost pepper, according to a press statement.

Patrick Schwing, the chief marketing officer of Arby’s, stated, “Diablo we Try this new sandwich, I dare you. This sandwich is not for the weak of heart. Everyone in QSR claims to offer a hot choice, but according to our research, customers are let down by fast food’s boasts of being spicy.”
On a red chipotle bread, the sandwich is made with ghost pepper jack cheese, scorching spicy spice, fire-roasted jalapenos, and Diablo BBQ sauce.

To make the Diablo Dare a genuine test of how much heat you can tolerate, “we took it as a challenge by making sure all different sorts of spicy – the scorching, the numbing, and the lingering are blended,” Schwing said. “When we say it, we mean it,” says Arby’s, “we’re setting a new standard for spice.”
From January 10 to February 6, the sandwich will be offered throughout the country. A complimentary milkshake will be provided with each sandwich.

One of the spiciest chili peppers in the world is the ghost pepper. It once had the title of being the hottest pepper in the world, but the Carolina Reaper pepper has since supplanted it.

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