‘Brandon Falls’ Landmark Appears on Google Maps at the Site where Joe Biden Fell

The internet may occasionally be a hilarious place! In a strange twist of fate, individuals discovered Joe Biden’s iconic bike fall spot in Delaware, now listed as “Brandon Falls” on Google Maps.

Biden lost control of his bicycle in June of this year while riding across Delaware. Now, Twitter users have shared several screenshots revealing the precise location of the accident, which is now marked on Google Maps as a historical landmark.

What Is Brandon Falls Landmark On Google?

The President of the United States, Joseph Biden, crashed his bicycle in Delaware in June of this year. The next month, Brandon Falls was identified on Google maps as the location where he had fallen.

The Delaware website, which a lot of people started accessing, has even received negative evaluations. When Google deleted the site, it received more than 200 ratings, according to some accounts.

Let’s go, Brandon is a well-known cry that has been used to mock the president, and Brandon Falls refers to it. Users began sharing images of the site taken from Google Maps in July.

‘Brandon Falls’ Landmark Appears on Google Maps

Many Twitter users today began disseminating screenshots showing “Brandon Falls” labeled as a historical marker at the very location where Biden fell a month ago. The name is a play on the controversial “Let’s Go Brandon” remark made by an NBC reporter during an interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after a fan shout was misheard.

The person who added the location to Google Maps has also been identified through their Twitter account. The guy with the username @oldrowviral is known for uploading conservative memes on their website.

The phrase “Bidening,” which they define as the act of purposefully falling off a bike, recording the incident, and then publishing it online, has also lately been promoted by the account.

The Landmark has Now Been Removed by Google

Google appears to have taken notice of the screenshots’ social media popularity and deleted the location from its maps. The area received more than 200 five-star ratings before it was taken down.

But, the appearance of “Brandon Falls” on Google Maps did amuse some individuals. Oh, now that’s hilarious, one person tweeted, while another added, “This wins the internet for the week.”

“The internet was created for this purpose. Another user wrote, “Brandon Falls (the notorious place where Joe Biden wrecked his bike) is now a searchable location on Google Maps.

An individual who shared the Google Maps screenshot added the following comment: “Brandon Falls (Biden’s bike fall) is now a historic site on Google Maps. I only believed that everyone should be aware of it. Does it function for you?

Biden Fell Off his Bike Last Month

At his house on Delaware Beach, Vice President Joseph Biden had a bicycle accident in June. To commemorate his 45th wedding anniversary with his wife, the president traveled to Delaware. When Biden attempted to stop the bike to welcome reporters, his foot became trapped, which led to the incident.

Biden Fell Off his Bike Last Month

Also, the footage of him tripping over became viral. In the video, just before he collapsed, he was seen wishing everyone a good Father’s Day. Biden fell because he was unable to take his biking shoes off of the toe cages.

As those around saw the mishap, they immediately inquired whether he was okay, to which he said, “I’m OK.”

It certainly felt like “Brandon Falls” was giving Twitter a field day. Watch this space for more international news and updates.

‘Brandon Falls’ Added to Google Maps to Mock Biden’s Bike Fall

In June 2022, Biden lost control of his bicycle while pedaling across Delaware. You may currently locate a historic site called “Brandon Falls” close to the scene of this tragedy if you open Google Maps. Unfortunately, “Brandon Falls” was not a recognized landmark by the state. Users of Google Maps can build public landmarks, thus someone must have created and labeled the location to make fun of the president on the mapping platform.

We discovered the Twitter account responsible for the “Brandon Falls” monument; the name is a parody of the Republican adage “Let’s Go, Brandon,” which translates to “F*ck Joe Biden” (you can read more about the origins of that phrase here).

The fictitious historical site was made by “Old Row Viral,” a content producer that specialized in conservative memes, and it is located on Google Maps. This social media account has recently promoted the behavior known as “Bidening,” which involves purposefully falling off a bike in public, recording the incident, and sharing the video or photo online.

Although “Brandon Falls” may not be a recognized place, the location shown on Google Maps is where Biden crashed his bike in June 2022. Nevertheless, contrary to what some users of social media have reported, there was not a bicycle store at this site sporting a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag. The image that followed depicted a home in Florida, not a bicycle store in Delaware.

Users of Google Maps can designate ublic landmarks. While this function makes it simple for those with recently launched companies to add themselves to the well-known application, it may also be utilized to construct fictitious locations. According to a Wall Street Journal study from 2019, Google Maps has “millions” of fictitious companies.

Whether Google will take down the “Brandon Falls” site is uncertain. About 200 people had given the fictitious historical site five stars as of the time of this writing.

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