Brigitte Bardot’s son: Why Brigitte Bardot rejected her only son

Brigitte Bardot, a famous French actress, is the only parent of Nicolas. But the actress never developed any sympathetic sentiments for her heir. Where did a kid who never knew the love of a mother end up?

Brigitte Bardot has a legendary fondness for canines, and this fact is well-known. This idea that they are superior to humanity was a favourite mantra of hers to repeat. And apparently even better than the Frenchwoman’s one and only son, for whom she had never felt anything more than neutral affection.

Brigitte Bardot Career:

She said in her autobiography “Initials of B. B.” that she never considered making a life with actor and film producer Jacques Charlier. Nonetheless, she feared being left alone with the baby. Without hesitating, Brigitte said that she had attempted to end an undesired pregnancy by whatever way possible. The legalisation of abortion in France was delayed, thus she couldn’t have one until 1975.

Brigitte Bardot Pregnency:

When Brigitte Bardot, an actress in her early twenties, discovered she was pregnant, she quickly set out to locate a physician who could terminate the pregnancy. However, comparable activities were illegal in France, therefore no one there attempted them. Actor Jacques Charrier convinced the actress to end the abortion and marry him after discovering he was the father of the kid.

She was pleased at the invitation to be in the film “Truth,” especially since the sad nature of the part may be good for Brigitte’s career since she was expecting at the time. Her newlywed husband Jacques, meanwhile, was enraged by her desire to pursue a career in movies. Brigitte was imprisoned in her room as the guy ripped up the script. When her worst fears finally materialised, she reached for the sleeping tablets.

“I wanted to liberate myself — in every meaning of the term, — I wanted and could not, since I was a prisoner of my too famous name and the possessive character of Jacques, a prisoner of my body, my face, my kid,” Bardot wrote of the day she took all the pills she could find.

The stunning woman teetered on the brink of suicide for a week before escaping. While this was happening, things with Jacques Charlier deteriorated.

Brigitte Bardot’s pregnancy was a living nightmare in its last stages. The paparazzi swarmed her home, each hoping to capture a special moment with the expecting actress. Brigitte eventually stopped leaving the house entirely. Fearing the hospital, she opted to give delivery at home. On January11, 1960, the son entered the world. Nicholas was the boy’s name.

Bardot described looking at her flat, slim tummy in the mirror as if she were gazing at a cherished friend upon whom she was preparing to shut a coffin lid. She describes her unborn child in her book as a “cancerous tumour,” which she repeatedly punched in the stomach to expel.

That’s when I yelled and begged them to take him away from me. She said, “After giving birth, I never wanted to see him again.”

Brigitte Bardot: Child Breastfeed

What Happened to Brigitte Bardot’s Son

Due to her “inhumane function of the nurse,” Brigitte also decided against breast-feeding her child. She opted for a little puppy rather a human child during an interview.

Her house was surrounded by reporters. An image of a young woman holding her newborn infant was much sought for. The newborn’s first day home was spent in a picture session. Photos shot by a long-time family acquaintance were published in the tabloids.
Brigitte’s husband Jacques Charrier believed she’d develop a maternal instinct, but the actress was only seen showing any affection for their kid. Brigitte was worried that being a mother would diminish her attractiveness to men and make her seem like just another parent in the neighbourhood. The kid could tell she was suspicious of him, so he would cry every time she held him.

Brigitte Bardot Divorce:

Brigitte eventually separated from Jacques Charlier after beginning an unstable relationship with her co-star from the film “Truth,” Sam Frey. Concurrently, Nicolas, the couple’s infant son, was placed in the care of Brigitte’s sister. The lady felt the youngster would be safer with her than with her mother’s bluster, so she took him in.

Nicholas, at the tender age of 12, paid a visit to his mom. She insisted on staying home with the numerous visitors rather than joining him for lunch. Totally broken, he went back to see his aunt.

Nicolas moved in with his mom for a while when he was 12 years old. Bardot, however, sent him back to his father and said she couldn’t look after him since she had a social engagement that night. The experience caused Nicolas to avoid his mother for a long time.

Brigitte made an effort to reconcile with her adult son, but he rejected her message.

Nicolas attended the University of Paris and majored in economics. His passion for music led him to develop his skills as a pianist and composer. At the age of 22, Nicolas was a successful model. Anne-Line Bjerkan, the daughter of a diplomat, is one of the models she meets on one of the shows. Brigitte Bardot was really hurt that she was not invited to their 1984 wedding.

They were married and then settled down in Oslo. Since moving there, Nicolas has focused mostly on his interest in computers. Anna Camilla and Thea Josephine were the lovely girls he and Anne-Lin nurtured. In addition, the actor’s son is now a grandpa.

In 1997, however, a fresh family crisis sprang out with the publishing of Brigitte’s memoirs; her ex-husband and son sued her for allegedly disclosing private family information and hurting their sentiments. The actress was fined two hundred and fifty thousand Swiss francs by the court.

Nicolas has been programming for a very long time and has long ago abandoned the modelling industry. It’s been a while since he himself became a grandpa. When asked by reporters why he does not get along with his mom, Nicolas said, “She likes her fur coats, and I love my family.”

As a friend of mine once said, “There’s a gaping hole in Nicholas’s soul. Brigitte once stated, “Our relationship suffers from a lack of daily intimacy and mutual understanding, despite the fact that we have been close with our kid for many years.

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