CEO of Parler John Matze claims that the board has dismissed him, adding, “I did not participate in this decision.”


“My employment as CEO of Parler will end immediately, as agreed by the Rebekah Mercer-led Parler board on January 29, 2021. I didn’t take part in making this choice, “Matze wrote. I am aware that the company’s current owners have made various statements to the staff and other parties that, regrettably, have caused confusion and forced me to issue this public statement.
Following Amazon Web Services’ decision to take down Parler for failing to regulate “egregious information” linked to the Jan. 6 Capitol incident, Matze said that he has encountered “continuous pushback” to his initial concept for the social media platform over the last few months.

“I’ve encountered continual opposition over the past several months to my product vision, my steadfast support for free expression, and my opinion of how the Parler site ought to be run. For instance, I pushed for more product stability and what I consider to be a more efficient method of content moderation “Matze wrote.

A request for comment from Parler was not immediately answered.

The future of Parler is now out of my control, he added, despite my tireless efforts and ongoing fights to keep the Parler site up and operating. “I want to express my gratitude to the Parler team members, users, and supporters for their tireless efforts and dedication to the business. They are a fantastic collection of interesting, creative, and hard-working people, and I have the biggest regard for them. I now consider many of them to be my second family.”
Following Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend President Trump, Parler, a social networking platform that prioritizes free expression and was largely welcomed by Trump fans, experienced a surge in users.

Since Amazon Web Services disconnected it, Parler has been unavailable. It was supposed to restart before the start of February, but things got delayed. According to a Parler source who spoke to Fox News, the delay was brought on by new branding and internal adjustments being made for stability.
As his firm was being shut down by Amazon, Matze rose to prominence in conservative media and began making frequent appearances on cable television to support free speech.

Matze informed his coworkers that he would take a few weeks off before looking for a new project.
Following that, he added, “I’ll be searching for new opportunities where my technological expertise, vision, and the issues I’m passionate about will be demanded and valued.” “I want to express my gratitude to everyone in Parler who helped support the platform and myself. The genuine American Dream has been the development of a concept from a living room into a significant business. I’m not saying bye; simply farewell for the time being.”

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