Chris Rock discusses Will Smith’s Oscar’s smack in a statement


According to reports, Chris Rock has commented on the internet-shattering Oscars incident when Will Smith smacked him on stage.

Chris reportedly discussed the viral incident during a stand-up set at Baltimore’s Lyrics Performing Art Center on Friday, April 22, according to Maryland reporter Annie Rose Ramos of WJZ TV.

Ramos claimed that Chris made a subtle allusion to Will’s smack before beginning his comedic routine.

Chris jokingly said, “I’m fine. I am OK. For the most part, the nicks & bruises have healed.

The remark was made right after Chris’ mother complained about Will hitting her kid.

In an interview with a local South Carolina television station, WIS-TV, Rose Rock said on Friday that the confrontation had left her feeling incredibly hurt.

Rose poked fun of Smith, who is presently traveling to India, saying, “You reacted to his wife giving then the side-eye, then you went and made her night because she was bent over laughing whenever it happened.”

“He smacked all of us when he hit Chris. He truly hit me, she claimed. “Because whenever you harm my child, you harm me,” she said.

Will lost his composure at the Oscars when Chris made fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness. In response to the comedian making light of his wife’s fears, the actor approached the stage and smacked him across the face.

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