Dave Portnoy’s partner in sex-tape Sydney Raines: “I have no regrets.”

Dave Portnoy: SCOTUS takes up student-athlete compensation

Sydney Raines was working as a nanny, caring for the children she had supervised since she was a teenager. In April, a friend texted her asking if she knew Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports.

Raines, 22 years old, said that they sent her a video and claimed it had been sent to them. “Then, I received a text message from another friend asking me if I was okay. I was confused and shook my head.

This was a video she made with Portnoy in July 2020 while visiting his Nantucket (Mass.) home. Raines searched her name and found that the video, which showed Portnoy with a leash around her neck, was all over the Internet.


Raines claimed she doesn’t know the way that the raunchy footage was leaking, which made it clear that she didn’t do it. Portnoy was the one she texted to find out more.

“I never felt panic or my heart drop until my mother told me to talk. Raines said that she was supportive and reaffirmed her support. “Many of my friends began to check in on me, and Dave reached out several times to make sure that I was okay.”

Stock prices for Penn National Gaming fell temporarily after the news broke. The company owns a 36% stake in Barstool Sports. Portnoy dismissed it as a “crime” and said that leaking old videos of sex between consenting adults seemed like a stupid reason for stock prices to fall.

Raines was a young woman who did something that was almost unheard of in the age of cancel culture. She gave an unapologetic reply. Instead of wallowing in guilt and crying, she acted in self-reflection. She was assisted by Portnoy and friends before uploading to Instagram.

“I was aware that yesterday a video had surfaced on the Internet and yes, it was me,” she wrote. She also stated that it was never intended to be public. Although some might not like the video content, it was completely consensual. It’s unfortunate that it is now public. Portnoy and I are still friends and there is no animosity. . . Since we both took responsibility, I won’t call this a mistake.

She told The Post that she has always been open about her sexuality. “Maybe it’s not the time I should, but I saw it as a bump in my road. It didn’t ruin me. It’s easy to see myself as someone else’s victim in this situation.

Syd signed off with bravado, “With no apologies Syd.”

Her inbox was overflowing with both positive as well as negative messages. Some people accused her of being paid by Portnoy. She strongly denies this.

“I haven’t gotten anything out of this. It wasn’t about the money, it was about my conscience. She said that nothing has changed, and added that she declined invitations to be an ambassador for different clothing companies. Even her mom joked with her that she should open an OnlyFans account.

She was like, “If you’re posting half-naked photos [on Instagram], it’s possible to make money.” But she didn’t know that many girls on [OnlyFans] porn. My photos are R-rated and not X-rated. It should be that way.

Raines might have been a celebrity, but she’s still a “country girl.”

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