Details of the $8M nondisclosure agreement are revealed by Tiger Woods’ former lover Rachel Uchitel.

Following their relationship in 2009, Rachel Uchitel kept quiet about her protracted court struggle with her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods.
Woods and Elin Nordegren, who was married at the time, divorced in 2010 after the golfer’s numerous relationships became public knowledge.

Uchitel, 46, disclosed in a frank interview with The New York Times that she signed an $8 million nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Woods but is currently being sued for allegedly breaching it.

According to Uchitel, who is being represented by Gloria Allred of Hollywood, the contract she signed was almost 30 pages long. It stated she was not allowed to discuss Woods with anybody.
According to the Times, the NDA prohibited Uchitel from discussing Woods’ “lifestyle, proclivities, customs, private conduct, fitness, habits, sexual matters, familial matters,” among other topics, “directly or indirectly, verbally or otherwise,” with anyone, “including but not limited to, family members, relatives, acquaintances, friends, associates, co-workers, journalists.”
Uchitel said she was given $5 million upfront and committed to a three-year contract with annual compensation of $1 million.

She recounted, “You’re like, ‘Screw you,’ and you go into dealmaker mode – and all of a sudden it’s the rest of your life. His attorneys are saying, ‘We want all your text messages, and here’s the price,’ and you’re, like, ‘Screw you,’ and you shift into dealmaker mode.
Eventually, Uchitel addressed Woods in the 2019 HBO documentary “Tiger.”

For once, she explained, she wanted to tell the story herself.
Uchitel declared, “I’m not a moron, a hooker, or a prostitute. I was and still am a pretty intelligent girl, so I bargained for $8 million because I realized it would have an impact on my life.
However, Uchitel did not leave with $8 million. The $1 million compensation from Woods’ team was not paid, thus she had to pay $2 million in legal expenses and taxes ($1 million to Allred for five days of labor).

Later, she declared bankruptcy.

However, according to The Times, Uchitel’s protection from creditors is being challenged by Woods’ attorney Michael Holtz in order to allow him to pursue Uchitel for breaking the NDA she signed.
According to Uchitel, who spoke to the Times, the scandal-related job is the only employment she has recently been able to secure. She is suing Seeking Arrangement, an online “sugar baby” dating service, for allegedly failing to compensate her for a position as its spokesman.
She would only get payment from the business if she agreed to a nondisclosure clause in a contract. According to the article, Seeking Arrangement is suing her as well and rejects her allegations.

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