Did Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton Split? Rumor Explored

Are there problems in Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s idyllic home on Stranger Things? Charlie Heaton was recently seen in public with a blonde woman who put her arms around his neck.

When attending the All-Points East music event in London’s Victoria Park, Charlie and the blonde woman were photographed together. To find out Charlie and Natalia’s relationship status right now, keep reading.

Did Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton Split Rumor Explored

Who Is Natalia Dyer?

Famous American actress Natalia Dyer is one of them. Her most well-known performance is as Nancy Wheeler in the television show Stranger Things. Natalia has played minor roles in the horror films “Velvet Buzzsaw” and “Things Heard & Seen,” as well as the comedy-drama “Yes, God, Yes.” People are interested in learning whether Natalia Dyer is married. See the actress’s profile here. Look at Natalia Dyer’s biography first.

Is Natalia Dyer Married?

No. Natalia has never been wed. She is not however a virgin. The actress is seeing Charlie Heaton, who plays her co-star in Stranger Things. They started dating at the start of Stranger Things in 2016. Yes. Charlie Heaton and Natalia have been dating since 2016. We were coworkers originally, Natalia remarked. That was a typical, inevitable event that would have occurred anyway. We co-host the same show, therefore it makes sense that we would do interviews and other similar activities. The strangest aspect of [our relationship] is how other people view it and respond to it. Other than that, everything seems extremely natural.

Natalia Dyer Siblings

Virginia Dyer, Natalia’s younger sister, is 7 years of Natalia’s junior. On her mother’s side, she also has a half-sister. Regarding Natalia’s academic history, the actor received her degree from the Nashville School of the Arts. She enrolled in NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2013 and began her studies there. Natalia Dyer is active on Instagram, where she has more than 7 million followers.

Did Charlie Heaton and his ‘Stranger Things co-star Natalia Dyer break up?

When a picture of Charlie Heaton with a blonde lady appeared online, the split rumors between Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton started to circulate. According to reports, Charlie and the unnamed female were seen together at the All-Points East music event.

Natalia Dyer, Charlie’s Stranger Things co-star, was not present for the concert. This sparked the first mention of the two stars getting divorced. As of right now, the online split rumors have not received any official reaction from Charlie or Natalia.

Did Charlie Heaton and his ‘Stranger Things co-star Natalia Dyer break up

How did the fans react to the split rumors of Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton?

Charlie Heaton and Natalie Dyer are still together, according to one commenter. Charlie’s close friend is that girl. “I never thought I’d care about a straight couple, but if Natalia and Charlie ever split up, I’m genuinely k wording myself,” another person tweeted.

“People are bulshitting that Natalia dyer and charlie heaton split up and he’s with another lady,” another fan wrote after them. “But the person they are talking about got married last month and Natalia and charlie were at her wedding, lol.”

“Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer are trending, please disregard Daily Mail,” another admirer tweeted. He has been socializing with his loved ones and pals. He hugged his buddy, whose wedding he and Natalia had attended a few weeks before. Please just relax, everyone.

There were a few responses from the audience to the Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer split rumors.

Natalia Dyer Age

Natalia, who turned 27 years old on January 13, 1995, was born. Nashville, Tennessee, was where she was reared. When she was a teenager, she started performing in local theatre. “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” which was filmed in Tennessee in 2008, was her on-screen acting debut. She is now appearing in the acclaimed horror series Stranger Things as Nancy Wheeler.

Natalia and Charlie’s breakup rumors debunked

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s Stranger Things fans conducted an investigation and discovered the identity of the blonde woman in the photograph with Charlie Heaton. The women’s identity was discovered via the “steve Harrington’s b*stard nugget (@dyersfilms)” Twitter account.

The woman in the picture, according to the Twitter user, is East Yorkshire-based surface designer Lauren Cherice. The blonde woman who was seen cuddling Charlie at the music event, according to the social media user, was already married. It may be inferred from the photos that Heaton and Lauren are close friends. Eventually, a video of Charlie and Natalia attending Lauren’s wedding surfaced online.

Do you believe Charlie and Natalia split up? Please share your opinions with us in the space below. Keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.


Who is Natalia Dyer’s boyfriend?

Charlie Heaton is Natalia Dyer’s romantic interest.

 What is Natalia Dyer’s height?

She stands at 5 ft 4 in.

What is Natalia Dyer’s weight?

Natalia Dyer weighs around 106 pounds or 48 kg

Who is Charlie Heaton?

He is a well-known musician and actor in England.

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