Dumpor: The Instagram Story Viewer that Keeps It Real

Dumpor, the true story Instagram viewer, was launched in 2022 and was an instant success. Dumpor users could finally see real people’s Instagram stories instead of seeing what the company wanted them to see, which had been happening since Instagram started out as an independent app in 2011.

By 2028, Instagram users all over the world were waiting with bated breath to see when Dumpor would be released worldwide and how it would change their lives. It turned out that this app was so popular that it made more money than every other mobile app combined!

Introducing the Problem

People are spending more and more time on social media and the likes on their posts show how much they care. But when you look at what people are actually posting, do they really say something or just post a selfie with a filter? People today want to be seen as caring, but are not willing to put in the effort to actually care.

The problem is that we have so many followers on social media, but nobody is listening. People don’t read comments anymore because there is too much noise, and no one wants to hear the truth.

Dumpor is here to keep things real. You can still post a selfie or a picture of your food, but at least you have to put in some work. Dumpor can suggest a picture for you to post and it will automatically include some text. You get to choose what filter you want your story tagged with (if any) as well as how many minutes ago you’re posted taken.

A quick button lets you know if you should post right now (in case people are active on Instagram) or later when no one is around. Not only does it add value by making social media more realistic, but also makes sure there’s something behind all those likes and comments.

How Big Is the Problem?

Every day, people spend hours scrolling through their social media feeds to find new content to enjoy. As a result, our attention spans are decreasing and we have less time for ourselves. Not only are our attention spans decreasing but so is the quality of content. Content creators know this and they use this knowledge to influence us into buying something or subscribing to their services.

They use hashtags like #ad or #sponsored in order to get more eyeballs on their post without being penalized by Instagram’s algorithm. This makes it hard for some people to be able to make money off of their posts because they don’t want them labeled as an advertisement.

Why Does Dumpor Need To Exist?

  1. Dumpor doesn’t just show you your own feed, but also your friend’s recent stories and top posts.
  2. Dumpor is a simple, clean app with a design focused on viewing the content of others instead of broadcasting the content yourself.
  3. You can either see photos or videos in chronological order or search for specific people to view their stories only.
  4. Unlike other story viewers, there are no ads on Dumpor so you can scroll away without being bombarded by products or services you might not want to buy or try out yourself.
  5. Stories are saved automatically and if they’re deleted from the original app then they’ll disappear from Dumpor as well – so you never have to worry about them getting deleted!
  6. Dumpor gives users complete control over what type of content they want to see on the app.
  7. With an unlimited amount of scrolling and a lot less clutter, Dumpor is quickly becoming one of the best ways to keep up with all things social media-related!

Features of Dumpor

We live in a world of fake news, fake followers, and fake likes. Dumpor is the new way to keep your social media life real. Our algorithm uses facial recognition technology to detect when people are not telling the truth and removes their stories from your feed. It’s time to get rid of all the things we’re not proud of – like our addiction to social media and disconnecting with loved ones around us.

Dumpor will give you a comprehensive list of people you need to unfollow. It’ll show you who your real friends are and help increase your followers and get rid of all those fake accounts. Dumpor is just like a personal life assistant for managing your social media life. It’s fast, easy, and super effective at telling it like it is!

No other Instagram app does what Dumpor does, so sign up now and start enjoying only real stories from real people!

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