For a limited time, Sam’s Club reduces the cost of an annual membership to $8.


In honor of the approaching Fourth of July holiday, Sam’s Club stated that it will be selling yearly memberships for only $8 for a constrained period of time.

According to the company’s release on Thursday, the offer is only valid from June 18 to June 26.

This year’s Super Bowl commercial was the first time the offer was made public, and it was well received. The yard boundary the football was around at the 2 warning in the fourth quarter of a big game was used to determine the $8 mark for that promotion.

Sam’s Club chief member & marketing officer Ciara Anfield wrote: “Our members enjoy a reason for celebration, and they’ve informed us they want to get together with friends and family this Fourth of July – that information has encouraged our merchants to select and produce unique things to satisfy their requirements.”

“Just like our members, we also believe that more is better, so we’re thrilled to be able to bring back the $8 membership offer and let even more people experience the quality, convenience, and value that Sam’s Club has to offer,” she said.


On average, membership has a yearly fee of $45 according to the business’ website. Visitors to a Sam’s Club location can mention that “4th of July offers” just at the membership desk if they’re interested in the brief promotion.

Only new users and existing members having accounts that were dormant for six months or more are eligible for the promotion, which has a one-per-person cap.

A sign is shown outside Sam’s Club shop in Streamwood, Illinois, on January 12, 2018. (Image: Scott Olson via Getty Images) from Getty Images

The business started on Twitter that “This promotion is exclusive for younger Recruits and Previous Membership with dormant accounts of 6 months or longer.”

“Plus” memberships, which come with free shipping and savings at pharmacies, are not included in the promotion.

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