For years, Leonardo DiCaprio hid his ongoing smoking behavior: Reasons why


In the 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio used it to hide from his mother the fact that he was a chain smoker.

Because he believed it would damage his reputation as a rising star, the Award winner kept this aspect of his persona hidden.

Photographer Steve Eichner, whose recent novel, In the Spotlight: The Visual Ecstasy of Manhattan Nightlife inside the ’90s, features Leo’s images taken outside clubs in the ’90s, made the discovery.

He claimed that the actor from The Revenant caused a scene at Club USA in 1994 during a celebration for Nicolas Cage and Dennis Hopper’s horror film Red Rock West.

Leo, who was 20 just at the time, was photographed by Eichner buying anything from a “candy-and-cigarette girl.”

Hey dude, can you do us a favor & please don’t use that photo? “[Leo] walked up and touched me on the shoulder. You’re welcome to photograph me tonight.

“I was buying cigarettes, but I don’t want my mother to find out that I smoke, “Eichner remembered what Leo had told him.

Leo’s co-star Johnny Depp confirmed the information when he stated that he did not even want his mother to understand about his smoking.

In 2016, Depp admitted that on the set of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, in which he costarred with Leo, a young co-star kept bugging him.

Depp remembered telling the budding actor, “No, I won’t let you take a draw of my cigarette while you conceal from your mom again, Leo.”

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