Gulberg Finally Has an Affordable Gym and It’s Called Indigo’s Gym

Indigo’s Gym, a brand-new gym located in Gulberg, Lahore has finally made its way to our side of town! After hearing about Indigo’s Gym on Facebook, we decided to check it out ourselves and were completely blown away by what the gym had to offer! Indigo’s Gym is not your typical gym; it offers its members all the features of an expensive fitness center, but at half the price! Here are all the amenities you can find at Indigo’s Gym.

An Introduction to Indigos Gym

It can be a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Pakistan. The food is delicious, the people are hospitable, and it’s often difficult to find a gym that is both affordable and has the right equipment for you. But all that changed when Indigo’s Gym opened its doors in Gulberg. With just one visit, we were convinced that this was the perfect place for us it had everything we could want in a gym at prices any Pakistani can afford. This gym is perfect for those who need to start exercising without spending too much time or money on themselves.

This gym is for those of us who want a good workout without spending too much time or money. A 30-minute workout at Indigo’s Gym costs just Rs400, while membership is only Rs2500. The gym offers both weight training machines and free weights as well as TRX, kettlebells, yoga mats, and cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and rowers. Everything you need in one place.

What’s Available at Indigo?

Indigo’s gym is situated in Gulberg which makes it one of the most accessible gyms to visit. Once you enter, you are greeted by a large space with plenty of equipment for all types of workouts. There are multiple fitness classes available every day which range from yoga to boxing, pilates to body pump. The best thing about this gym is that it has everything you need at a much cheaper price than other gyms around Lahore!

What is available in indigo gym

For example, a one-month unlimited membership at other gyms would cost approximately Rs 3500. The same membership at Indigo’s gym is Rs 2500! Apart from that, they also have cardio and kettlebell classes available every day which is included in your gym membership. Additionally, if you are living in Gulberg but can’t afford a membership yet, don’t worry because there is a free trial period for new members to try out different classes before committing to anything!

The best thing about this gym is that it has everything you need at a much cheaper price than other gyms around Lahore!

How Much Does it Cost?

Indigo’s Gym offers membership plans at a variety of prices to suit the needs of every household. Monthly plans start as low as Rs. 500, with a long-term plan for Rs. 5,000 per year. You can also pay in advance for three months or six months for bigger discounts! There are no initiation fees or hidden costs you only need to pay for what you use!

Indigo’s Gym is very flexible in its pricing structure, so if you’re looking to save money on your gym membership, this could be the place for you!

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your gym membership, there are discounted options available as well! 3-month memberships cost Rs. 1,300 (instead of Rs. 1,500), and 6-month memberships cost Rs. 2,500 (instead of Rs. 3,000). You can also buy memberships with a family member at Indigo’s Gym to further reduce costs!

A Closer Look

It is clear that gym memberships are not cheap. For example, if you’re a student at LUMS then your annual fee for the sports facility will be approximately Rs. 10,000 per year which is not too bad but if you wanted to upgrade to a better membership then you would have to pay up to Rs. 50,000 per year.

yoga classes at indigo gym

So what do people do when they can’t afford these rates? Well, they either go on YouTube and watch fitness videos or resort to simply working out at home.

A lot of people don’t want to spend money on expensive gym memberships so that is why we need affordable gyms in Pakistan like Indigo’s Gym in Gulberg Lahore!

Where is it Located?

Indigo’s Gym is a state-of-the-art facility at the heart of Gulberg, Lahore. The gym is equipped with all the latest in fitness equipment that you would find at any high-end gym but for a fraction of the cost. Whether you are looking to work on your core strength or want to get that six-pack ab, this is the place for you.

Indigo’s Gym has a wide variety of services including personal training, yoga classes, post-natal workouts, powerlifting sessions, and more. With so many options available it would be difficult to not find something that suits your needs.

The prices are highly affordable as well they start at just Rs 500 per session which includes all taxes!

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