Hair loss caused by Monat shampoos. loss, hair loss, and balding. Hundreds of people have claimed

Many consumers have posted hair-raising stories about Monat, the shampoo and beauty brand that is sold on social media.

This product line, which is based out of Florida Hair and skincare line, which claims to be made with no harmful ingredients such as sulfates and parabens is being slammed with federal lawsuits. Customers are complaining that its products cause hair loss, balding itching and other adverse reactions.

The company has been ordered to sign an agreement. Monat Global Corp. was required to enter into an agreement with the attorney general of Florida that it will not engage in fraudulent marketing and sales practices. There have been complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Some of them dating to 2015 according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. The agreement also stipulates that Monat will be required to reimburse customers at least $82,782 in the course of the probe — in the event of adverse side effects from its products, as per the report.


People who complained about hair breaking and loss also complained that Monat informed them that their hair was suffering from an allergic reaction due to a “detox period,” and advised them to continue using the product. Some have accused Monat of deceiving users into purchasing products by giving them discounts before they even knew that they’d be automatically admitted to a VIP membership and charged for subsequent products.

Monat made an arrangement with the attorney general office that promises not to use deceitful practices for sales and marketing following thousands of complaints from consumers submitted to the Better Business Bureau and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Monat B

“We have been working closely with the Florida Attorney General’s office to address a number of matters related to customer relations and our rapid growth since 2017,” Monat said to FOX Business in a statement Monday. “After a two-year process, we are pleased this matter has come to a close with no findings of wrongdoing.”

Monat In the settlement that he signed with the attorney general agreed not to use the product as one which “causes hair loss because your scalp is detoxifying and the hair follicles are enlarging,” or claim that a product has been “clinically proven to increase hair growth and significantly decrease hair loss.” The two also agreed not to fraudulently include before-and-after images in advertisements, in addition to other things.

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A Reddit thread, which was started a year ago in which users were asked “Is Monat hair loss permanent?” It has since gathered more than 200 responses with users describing their reported problems with the product.

“Each time I washed, I experienced lots of loss of hair (tons of hair falling down the drain as well as while I was brushing it out). I believed that it was a coincidence. It was alarming. The kind of detoxing that you are experiencing isn’t typical.” One user wrote on Reddit in which they explained that they had stopped using the products after reading about negative experiences of other users and also said they “stopped being astonished by such a drastic hair loss after washing.”

Others have also reported that the hair became the thickness after they stopped making use of Monat products.

A customer complained this week through Twitter about the fact that this company was continuing in charging the credit cards for things they didn’t buy.

“If you want your card charged at random times for hair stuff you never ordered at 4 a.m. once every few months then I highly suggest going w Monat,” another user posted on Twitter in September. 23. They claimed that they had ordered Monat at least once in the past two years and were still being accused of being charged.


Monat was founded in 2014, and sells in person through a multi-level partner program that has sales reps, the majority of which are women who have become Social media celebrities, who assist promote the product and sell it to their followers as well as other customers. In exchange, they receive part of the profits as well as a share of the revenue from sales reps they sign up.

Since 2016, the company has increased its revenue by nearly 758%, from $42.58 million to $365.7 million, and was named South Florida’s second-fastest-growing company over $25 million by the South Florida Business Journal in August 2019.


“We have grown remarkably fast in 2017 and 2018, more than we anticipated. Also, we grew more quickly than we anticipated and, as a result, we ran into some challenges to resolve. We’re confident that these issues with regards to customer service, returns on products, and clarity about our marketing communications are now solved,” Monat said in an announcement.

Sales representatives for the company usually sell cosmetics directly to consumers in packages that include shampoo conditioner, shampoo, and leave-in products like Reshape or Moxie Magnifying Mousse. Root Lifter. These products are claimed to aid the hair color treatment and increase volume and hydration in addition to other things.

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