KineMaster Watermark Removal Guide: Say Goodbye to Those Annoying Logos!

KineMaster is an incredibly powerful video editing app that can be used to create high-quality videos and even animations. However, one thing it lacks is the ability to remove the watermark and copyright notice that appears in the corner of every video you make on it, which makes it extremely difficult to use if you want to share your videos with other people and potentially profit from them. Luckily, there’s a way to do this, which I’ll explain here!

What Is KineMaster?

Kinemaster is a robust video editor that’s great for hobbyists, aspiring YouTubers, and professionals alike. However, it has one major drawback – the watermark. The watermark is an ugly logo that appears in the corner of every video you produce with the app. If you’re looking for Kinemaster watermark removal tips so you can get rid of those pesky logos, then this guide is perfect for you!

Kinemaster has many great features, but one of its most widely touted is that it’s free. That makes Kinemaster perfect for individuals who want a video editor on their device at all times, whether they’re on an iOS or Android device. There’s no need to worry about an expensive app purchase you can get started today with Kinemaster for free and remove any watermarks that may appear.

Kinemaster is easy to use as well in fact, there are no settings or configurations whatsoever, which just helps make getting started quick and simple. It only takes a minute before you’ll be able to start removing those pesky watermarks with ease!

Removing the Logo in Easy Steps

1) Open the KineMaster video that has the watermark on it.

2) Choose Filters -> Distort -> Offset 3D. The watermark will now be offset.

3) Change the Blend Mode of the video layer to Hard Light and set opacity between 50% – 100%.

4) Delete the watermarked video layer and save the project.

Now that you know how to remove KineMaster watermarks, let’s get into some in-depth details about each step. Firstly, this filter called Offset 3D is found under the Distort category of effects. To use it correctly, open a video with a watermark and choose Offset 3D from the menu; then change its blend mode to Hard Light.

Opacity is your friend when removing logos because as long as there is enough difference between brightness levels on either side of where your logo appears (in this case, we’re referring to light versus dark), you should be able to make out what’s underneath easily by playing with the levels until they are where they need to be.

Two Different Methods of Removing the Logo

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, try downloading our watermark removal tool. After downloading the tool, simply open your video in the program, go to ‘Edit,’ and click on ‘Remove KineMaster Watermark.’ If you prefer a more hands-on approach, try these steps:

1) Download KMPlayer. If you already have it installed skip this step.

2) Open your video file with Kmplayer by clicking Open and browsing for the file on your computer or dragging it into the program window.

3) Click on Tools, then Watermark Removal, and select either Auto or Manual. This should remove the watermark from your video file.

If you run into problems, try uninstalling Kmplayer, opening your file again, and installing a fresh copy of KMPlayer.

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