Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, 25, is made fun of for being older than the celebrity, and many wonder whether they will break up.



The 47-year-old will commemorate five years of marriage to the Argentine-American model in 2018. He has been dating Camilla since 2017.

Netizens are pointing out the enormous age difference between the couple in the midst of her birthday celebrations, despite Leo’s history of dating women who were no older than 25 years.

“Twenty-four years down. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings to me. Happy greetings from beautiful Minnesota, “On her birthday post on Instagram, Morrone stated.

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Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) posted a blog entry.

Why the hell are you and your guy splitting up? One person questioned, “Can one of Leo’s girlfriends make it to 26 haha,” while another added:

I’m sure your romance was wonderful while it lasted, a follower wrote in a comment.

Another said, “Your relationship is going to end, honey.”

They captioned the tweet, which received tens of thousands of likes, “It’s the last countdown.”

Morrone brushed off criticism of her age difference with Leo in an earlier interview by saying, “There are so many partnerships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where individuals have enormous age disparities.”

“I just believe that everyone should have the freedom to date whoever they choose.”

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