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Everyone loves a good word game, but most of the popular ones have one thing in common they’re all boring. Qourdle isn’t just any word game it’s unlike anything you’ve ever played before! Qourdle takes the two most popular word games out there, Boggle and Scrabble, and combines them into one game that’s more fun than you’d expect to find in any dictionary!

An Overview of the Game

Qourdle is an awesome word game that provides a way to keep your brain sharp while having fun. The goal of the game is to fill in the blanks with words from sets of letters you are given in order to create as many words as possible. Words must be at least three letters long and can be repeated. Letters can also be used more than once if they are part of different words.

An Overview of the Qourdle Game

The game offers three different modes of play: 3-Letter, 4-Letter, and 6-Letter. The 6-letter mode is unlocked once you have successfully completed the 3-letter mode, while the 4-letter is unlocked once you’ve completed 6. In all three modes, your goal is to find as many words as possible from your given letters before time runs out.

Each level has an allotted time limit based on its difficulty level; 3 letter has 30 seconds, 4 letter gives you 50 seconds, and 6 gives you 90 seconds. There are also fewer puzzle pieces in these harder levels which mean more challenge but fewer points for each correct answer.

How to Play

The object of the game is to make as many words as you can from a list of letters. The longer the word, the higher your score. You are given seven minutes to find as many words as you can. If you need more time, there is an option to get more letter tiles by swiping up on the screen.

how to play Qourdle Game

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The tile size also changes depending on what level you select so that it’s easier or harder to see tiles that match certain letters. This really makes the game more engaging because you have to think about which level will be most effective based on the letter tiles you have in front of you at any given moment.

Intermediate Tips

Qourdle is one of the best games I’ve come across in a while. I like how it’s not too difficult, but also not too easy. The only downside is that there are no levels to be able to improve your skills. If you’re looking for a new word game, I recommend giving this one a try!

You can play against yourself or against another player. I like playing it alone, but my husband likes to make words with me so we can compete against each other. It’s pretty simple to set up just connect via Facebook if you’re going to be playing with others so they can send you turns, which is when they get to play their tiles. It’s also nice that there are no pop-up ads while you’re playing so you can enjoy your time without interruption. There aren’t too many complicated rules and strategies, which is great because it doesn’t take away from actually enjoying the game itself.

Ad-Free Version

Qourdle is an online multiplayer word game that challenges users to find words in the tiles of other players. Players can choose to play against friends or strangers, but they are matched with someone based on their skill level. The player who has the most points at the end of the round wins.

Free Version of Qourdle Game

Words can only be found horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, so it’s not just about finding any letter combination but rather strategically thinking about where your opponents might have placed words. The longer you stay alive in the game, the more points you earn; however, if you make too many mistakes early on, it becomes very difficult to catch up and win.

Common Mistakes

The biggest problem I noticed with the Qourdle App is that it’s not very intuitive. There were moments when we didn’t know where to go or what to do next. It took some trial and error before we finally figured out how to play the game. The other thing I didn’t like about the app was that it crashed a lot, which got really frustrating after a while. This made it hard to enjoy the app because it kept crashing while in the middle of playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Qourdle?

Qourdle is an exciting new word game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Players take turns adding words from their hand of letter tiles to the board. The goal is to get rid of all your letters first.

  1. How do you play?

To play, draw seven letters from your letter bag. Lay them face up in front of you, arranging them as you like so long as all of your letters can be seen. Put your remaining letters back into your bag. Then, starting with player one (the person to your left), everyone draws one letter tile from their bag at a time.

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