Netflix Student Discount: Is This a Thing in 2023?

Being a student may be incredibly expensive because you frequently have a limited budget. When you wish to subscribe to Netflix, things become much more difficult. Life could be a little simpler if Netflix provided a student discount, but will that even be possible in 2023? Learn more here.

The most well-known streaming service is Netflix, which has a sizable collection of films, television episodes, documentaries, and a tonne of other content for viewers of various tastes. It does, however, have a significant membership cost.

The Basic Netflix package costs $9.99 per month, while the Standard and Premium plans cost $15.99 and $19.99, respectively. When you are only a student and don’t have a stable source of income, this may seem like a lot.

What is Netflix?

A movie streaming service is Netflix. In terms of worldwide on-demand video streaming services, it is the finest.

There is a selection of movies and TV series on Netflix. You may watch your favorite movies using this platform at any moment on your TV, PC, Playstation, Xbox, or any gaming console.

Now, Netflix has more than 148 million paying subscribers worldwide.

Does Netflix offer a Student Discount in 2023?

No. In 2023, Netflix won’t provide a student discount. You cannot use your college ID card to obtain the streaming service at a lower price than the going pricing. You’ll have to fork over a hefty membership price even as a student to view your preferred shows.

Does Netflix offer a Student Discount in 2023

You can watch a lot of Netflix series, movies, and documentaries when you’re a teenager. Some excellent examples include Sex Education, 13 Reasons Why, Pitch Perfect, Life of the Party, etc.

To view them, you’ll need a Netflix subscription; there isn’t a student discount because it doesn’t exist. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place in case something goes wrong.

Why doesn’t Netflix offer a Student Discount?

Netflix has never publicly announced that it is giving students a special price or promotion. They haven’t even bothered to explain why. One prevailing view, however, contends that Netflix doesn’t provide a student discount because it fears significant revenue losses.

Teenagers and young adults are the primary target audience for the majority of Netflix series and films. Just 50% of Netflix customers are over 35, according to a survey by Appinventive. The majority of Netflix customers are thus students in high schools and universities.

Why doesn’t Netflix offer a Student Discount

Netflix will see lower income, which would eventually translate into lower profits if it starts giving its service to students at a discount. Instead, Netflix thinks that because of how excellent the content in its collection is, people will be willing to pay the full price for it.

Does Netflix Offer Student Discounts in 2023?

For college students, Netflix does not provide a student discount. To assist students in streaming and enjoying movies at a price, Netflix has doubled the number of its discount coupons.

Will Netflix ever offer a Student Discount in the Future?

As of January 2023, it doesn’t appear that Netflix immediately intends to provide a student discount. While they don’t think they have a justification for it, they appear to have no plans to do so at the moment.

Instead, Netflix favors making significant investments in its library. Every month, a sizable number of new episodes and films are added, including Originals. A staggering 129 original films were made by Netflix and distributed during the last quarter of 2021.

Will Netflix ever offer a Student Discount in the Future

Netflix released 17 original films in 2022, including Matilda, Pinocchio, Love and Leashes, and Codename: Emperor. Every day that goes by, the library becomes more fascinating and spicier. It makes every effort to support the increased price.

Yet, given that Netflix just disclosed significant quarterly losses, we can’t completely rule out the potential of stronger offers appearing in the future. Student discounts would be a terrific strategy for them to adopt if they were trying to find ways to increase user traffic and increase income.

Let’s find out what the future holds. We can only hope that Netflix releases a student plan soon, exactly like Amazon Prime, its fiercest rival.

How Do I Get Netflix Student Discount & Free Subscription?

You can watch Netflix virtually for free in a variety of ways, even without a paid membership. Here are several alternatives to Netflix that are nearly free;

Frequently asked questions about Netflix

This is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Netflix student discount. Simply leave a comment or contact us through our Facebook group if you have a question that we haven’t addressed on this page.

Will student discounts be available at Netflix in the future?

Although we can’t tell for sure, keep an eye on this page since we’ll update it if Netflix decides to provide student discounts on memberships.

Is there a Netflix free trial?

Sadly, Netflix does not often provide free trials. You may alter or cancel your plan at any moment if you want to since there are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no obligations.

Netflix sales, offers, and promotions

Although there have been some historical instances where you were able to view a selection of TV series and movies for free, without requiring a subscription, Netflix generally does not provide free trials

Past offers at Netflix

Other Netflix promotions mentioned on Save the Student include:

  • Complimentary trial of one month.
  • If you cancel within the first 21 days, you’ll get a 100% refund (so effectively a 21-day free trial)
  • Complimentary three-month membership for some PlayStation+ subscribers
  • Within the first 30 days, an upgrade to Standard or Premium is free.
  • Free access to some movies and TV shows (no account required)

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