Odds on NBA Futures Shift with Kevin Durant’s Contract Renewal

Even though it was somewhat expected, Kevin Durant’s decision to stay with the Brooklyn Nets after his contract expires in 2020 caused a massive movement in NBA futures odds on Thursday afternoon. Now at +20000, there are more people betting on Brooklyn than any other team to win the 2020 NBA Championship, and that number will only grow as basketball fans and experts around the league get in on the action.

The Los Angeles Lakers (+12500) had previously been the biggest gainers of 2020 NBA Championship odds after news broke of their acquisition of Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans, but that was nothing compared to what Brooklyn did today.

Will Kevin Durant Stay With The Nets?

Kevin Durant is a highly coveted free agent this summer. The Brooklyn Nets have offered him a max contract, which he has yet to sign. Â If he does not sign the contract and decides to leave, the odds of the Nets being able to win next season will dramatically drop from 9/1 to 10/1, giving them an estimated 0% chance of winning.

Will Kevin Durant Stay With The Nets?

 If he does sign the contract, the odds will shift from 9/1 to 4/5 giving them an estimated 40% chance of winning.  One thing for sure is that if he does stay with Brooklyn and wins next year, his legacy will be remembered as one of the best players in recent history and his jersey may end up hanging in the rafters at Barclays Center.

If He Goes, Where Will He Go?

If Durant leaves Brooklyn, the Warriors are the favorite to sign him. Other possible destinations include the Knicks, Lakers, Nets, and Clippers. There is also a chance that he could go overseas to play in China or Europe. If he stays in Brooklyn for $34 million per year for two years, his salary will increase to $38 million before he becomes an unrestricted free agent again. His contract would also have a player option for 2021-22 worth $41 million and a player option for 2023-24 worth $45 million.

If he decides to leave, he would make an immediate impact on any team. The Brooklyn Nets are currently 18-22 and 5th in the Atlantic Division. They could certainly use a player of his caliber and experience. Another team that could use him is Los Angeles Lakers. They are currently 10th in their conference with a record of 14-24, and they have little to no chance of making it into playoffs without some help from one of their stars. With LeBron James now gone from LA, he will be able to step up as a leader as well as take over as their go-to scorer.

Team Chances If He Stays

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are getting closer to finalizing a contract extension that will keep the star forward in Brooklyn for at least one more season, according to ESPN sources. With these new developments, the odds of any team winning the NBA Championship have shifted.

Will Kevin Durant Stays?

The Golden State Warrior’s chances of winning next year are now down to 1/3 from 5/6, while Boston Celtic’s and Philadelphia 76ers’ chances have both gone up 1%. This is all thanks to Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant, who has officially made his decision to stay in Brooklyn for one more season.

Team Chances If He Leaves

Durant may have agreed to a two-year contract extension with Brooklyn, but the offseason is far from over. Many teams are still hoping to sign the All-Star forward and add him to their roster.

In addition to the Nets, there are reports of trades between Oklahoma City and Miami (featuring Hassan Whiteside) as well as New Orleans and Portland (featuring Damian Lillard).

The Cleveland Cavaliers also have something up their sleeves. Rumors are circulating that they’re attempting to trade for Philadelphia star center Joel Embiid in order to lure KD back home.

This could be an interesting trade, as both parties would benefit greatly from the acquisition.

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