Park Ji-Hyun is fighting against Sex Crimes and Korean Politics as-Usual

Park Ji-Hyun is the most powerful South Korean politician after years of anonymously fighting online sex crimes. Photographer: Woohae Cho/Bloomberg

South Korea is known for its high economic growth and technological advancements, including the fastest internet speed in the world. However, women were largely excluded from the boom and digital extortion, sexual exploitation, and online extortion are all shockingly common.

Unexpectedly, a leader emerged in the last presidential election. 26-year-old Park Ji-Hyun was an activist who had secretly busted one of the country’s largest online sexual crime rings when she was still a student. She was convinced by a leading presidential candidate to disclose her identity and serve as his senior advisor.

He lost but she won’t. Park was appointed co-chair of the opposition and given the task of rebuilding the party. Park has since been a lightning rod for partisans who feel she is too critical of her party colleagues, many of which have been involved in sexual harassment scandals of themselves.

Park is also a star for millions of South Korean women who believe they deserve better online and offline.

Today’s story

“You might think of AOC and other young politicians who could be considered the future of the US Democratic Party.”

— Wonsuk Chin

Park Ji-hyun, film director


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