Sasha Monik Sparks Dating Rumors With New Instagram Post

Beauty vlogger, Sasha Monik Sparks, has sparked dating rumors with a recent Instagram post where she can be seen walking the red carpet with her rumored boyfriend, Darren Chestnutt while holding hands. While there’s no official statement from either of the couple yet regarding their relationship, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them together. If you haven’t heard about him yet, Darren is another beauty influencer and makes similar videos to Sasha on his YouTube channel. Take a look at their Instagram photos below!

Who Is The Groom?

There is no denying that Sasha Monik has been a focal point in pop culture for the last few years. From her role on the hit TV show Glee to her impressive debut album, she has quickly become one of today’s most recognizable faces and voices. So when it was recently revealed that she had started dating former One Direction member Zayn Malik, people went crazy with speculation about their new relationship.

However, before we could get too far into any rumors about what this may mean for their relationship or for them as individuals, Sasha took to Instagram to post a photo of herself with a friend who is getting married.

Where Is This Wedding Happening?

The rumor mill is churning after Sasha Monik posted an intimate photo of herself and what looks like her new boyfriend. The photo, which was taken at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, has been liked over 70,000 times.

While some people are congratulating the couple and others are giving their best wishes for their happiness together, most people are ask where is this wedding happening. That’s because the bride was wearing a gorgeous strapless lace gown with delicate lace appliqués on the bodice. Some people have pointed out that while they don’t know whether or not she’s engaged, it would be odd to post such a public picture of your engagement without inviting friends or family members to witness it with you.

What Is Her Name?

Sasha Monik is a model, businesswoman, and public speaker. She’s become more famous since her recent appearance on the show The Challenge. Her Instagram page has over 500k followers. And now she has everyone talking about her love life again. In an Instagram post from this weekend, she gave a shout-out to a new guy that she was hanging out with on Saturday night.

It looks like Sasha is really starting to move on from ex-boyfriend Theo Ellington who she dated for years before they broke up in April of this year. In the past couple of months, Sasha has been spotted at events with both Kyle Christie and Cory Wharton and now we have no idea who this new guy might be!

Does She Have A Ring On That Finger?

Many of Sasha’s fans were quick to point out the fact that she doesn’t have a ring on her finger and some even suggested that it’s because she is already engaged. But, if you follow Sasha’s work, then you would know that she has spoken publicly about how she hopes to be married by the time she turns thirty and also mentioned that she wants to have children.

I want kids, said Sasha Monik in her TEDx Talk entitled What It Means To Be A Woman. So many people are speculating as to who this mystery man is but it seems like one thing is for certain: he definitely knows how lucky he is.

Are There More Photos From This Wedding?

After a quick search of Sasha’s account, we found that she posted more photos from her recent wedding. It seems as though these two lovebirds are in it for the long haul and are over their previous relationships.

It’s always exciting to see celebrities who have been in previous relationships find new love with one another!

If you want to see more photos from Sasha and her new husband’s wedding, be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

Why Do People Think They Are Getting Married?

People have started speculating that Sasha and her boyfriend may be engaged or married after she posted a photo of the two holding hands in front of a church with the caption, Everything has been said but not told. The photo was taken at an annual charity event for the couple’s organization, which supports people with disabilities.

The speculation may have come from the everything has been said but not told caption on her post as well as her use of hashtags such as #engaged, #wedding, and #husband.

There were also similarities in the outfits that Sasha and her boyfriend were wearing in both photos, which would seem to indicate that it is they from different occasions.

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