Since 1776, the US has fought wars in 225 of its 243 years.


The first overt and covert foreign interference in American history occurred in Chile in 1811, only a year after this Southern American nation had won its independence from Spain.

According to research done by the “Jang Group and Geo Television Network,” the US has been at war for approximately 225 of the 243 years since its founding in 1776. While the US had conducted 188 foreign military operations as of 2017, the global superpower was discovered to have taken part in 117 “partisan electoral interventions” between 1946 and 2000, or almost one out of every nine elections held since the Second World War.

This means that the Country was at war for further than 92% of the time since it was founded, leading some critics to claim that the country’s rulers were dependent on the use of force and intoxicated by their victories over weaker nations that we’re unable to defend themselves for various reasons. Or to put it another way, the country has just recently experienced peace.

A study conducted by the Institute for Politics & Strategy at Carnegie Mellon Institution, a private research university situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State, was included in one of Channel 4 News’ programs from November 23, 2017; it is a well-known British media outlet. The size of the US and Russia’s extensive electoral interference was determined by the study.

According to his findings, there were 117 “partisan electoral interventions” between 1946 and 2000, the media source had said. Since the Second World War, there have been nine contested elections, or about one every nine. The majority of these—nearly 70%—were instances of US meddling. And not only during the Cold War; between 1990 and 2000, there were 21 such interventions, of which 18 were carried out by the United States, while 60 different sovereign nations were the targets of such operations. However, over two-thirds of interventions were carried out covertly, with voters unaware that foreign governments were actively attempting to sway the outcome. This was the researcher’s contention in the “Channel News 4” interview. Levin’s study indicates that the following nations are among those where the US has used covert methods: Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, Haiti, Panama, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Vietnam, and Japan.

The US, France, Denmark, Italy, Greece, West Germany, Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Congo, Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, and other countries were on the list of covert activities against Russia, he had said.

By the way, the united United States has a lengthy history of influencing elections, aiding military takeovers, directing funding, and disseminating political propaganda abroad. Throughout its history, the United States took part in a number of overseas interventions.

Between 1948 and 1991, it participated in 46 military actions. The bimonthly foreign affairs publication “The National Interest” in the United States published a study in 2017 that stated: “The United States participated in 46 military involvement from 1948 to 1991. This number climbed four-fold to 188 between 1992 and 2017. Two significant difficulties are introduced by these statistics. First off, why would military actions increase as their success rate has been declining? Why, secondly, would military interventions rise following the Cold War?

The magazine continued: “Alternatively, if the United States only uses force to interfere when its core interests are at issue, why do so more frequently when there are maybe less vital interests at stake? The US security and economy have suffered the consequences of Washington’s excessive use of military force when it is not necessary.

The respected “The Washington Post” reports that up to December 2016, government United States attempted to overthrow the governments of other nations 72 times throughout the Cold War.

The highly read and cited American media outlet has written: “The United States attempted to overthrow the governments of other countries 72 times between 1947 and 1989. That’s an impressive amount. There are six overt operations and 66 covert ones in it. That obviously does not justify Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election. These 72 US operations took place during the Cold War, which means that the Soviet Union most often secretly supported anti-US troops.

According to “The Washington Post,” 27 US covert operations conducted between 1949 and 2000 were discovered by looking through declassified Central Intelligence Agency papers and historical academic studies on US involvement. The majority of US “secret wars” were fought against democratic governments. The report continued, “Unclassified documents published by us homeland security archive at Georgetown University show that now the British government assisted the United States in toppling Mohammad Mosaddegh, an Iranian prime minister who had been democratically elected, and tried to prevent the disclosure of information as to its involvement in the coup.”

The 143-year-old, top-notch American publication said, “But that’s only one example. Years of bloody civil war and rightist tyranny followed Guatemala’s democratically elected leader Jacobo Arbenz Guzman’s removal in 1954 by an anti-Communist “army” trained and armed by the CIA. On behalf of the nation, Guatemalan Governor Alvaro Colom begged Guzman’s family for forgiveness fifty-seven years later. President Ronald Reagan also gave the go-ahead for funding in 1981 for the CIA-led “secret warfare” against Nicaragua’s democratically elected Sandinista government. These are but a few instances of clandestine US operations abroad.

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