The 8 Best Farming Bases in Clash of Clans!

Would you like to know the best farming bases in Clash of Clans? I’ve got 8 of them! All of these farming bases are extremely solid because they have lots of different compartments, making it difficult for the enemy to get in and attack your gold/elixir storages or dark elixir storage. Even though farming bases are meant to be attacked, they can still hold off attacks with relative ease. In this article, I’ll go over each base and the strategies used to defend them so that you can use them as inspiration when creating your own bases! Enjoy!

Good Base Placements in Clash of Clan

-Farming Base #1:

-Farming Base #2:

-Farming Base #3:

-Farming Base #4:

-Farming Base #5:

-Farming Base #6:

-Farming Base #7

-Farming Base #8:

-Farming Base #9:

-Farming Base #10:

-Farming Base #11

The Goblin Trophy Base

This base is a great choice for farming in Clash of Clans. It’s very easy to defend and it will take a while before enemies reach the core. The Goblins provide excellent protection, and the Barbarian King provides a lot of distractions for enemies. The only downside to this base is that it doesn’t have any air defense, but it can be easily fixed by adding an Air Defense on one side and an Air Sweeper on the other side.

Farming bases for trophy pushers

It’s not just about trophies anymore. With the new Town Hall 11 update, farming is now a viable strategy to dominate and win in Clash of Clans. Here are eight farming bases that will help you get started. They’re all designed to max out your earnings while still protecting your hard-earned loot from being stolen by sneaky Goblins or well-timed attacks.

Anti-Hog Rider War Base

This base is designed to counter the popular hog rider’s strategy for attacking. The outside layer of defenses is designed to lure the enemy hog riders into the kill zone. The two cannons and one archer tower are positioned in such a way that they can take down any hogs that make it through the first line.

The second layer consists of a set of two inferno towers, which will quickly toast any more hogs that get past the first line, and a giant bomb, which will clear out any remaining troops with ease. This base also has plenty of funneling options so that you can choose whichever one best suits your needs at the time.

Multi Mortar Farm Base

A Multi-Mortar Farm Base is one of the best farming bases you can use in Clash of Clans. The Mortars are able to fire on any attacking troops with a range of up to 3 squares, so they will easily be able to hit any troops that come near your base. If you’re using a Clan Castle and Air Sweeper, then the Mortars will be able to get rid of any air attacks on your base too! This base also has a Town Hall placed away from all the defenses, so it’s unlikely that an enemy will destroy your Town Hall as soon as they attack your base.

Anti 3 Star Base Layout 1

You can use the base layout below to prevent 3 stars from your farming base. This is a highly underrated layout that can be used for both high-level players and lower-level players. If you are going to use this base, I recommend using the setup shown in the next picture. The design also has a central gold mine that will make it difficult for attackers to see where your base is, and it will force them to spend more time searching for your clan castle.

Single X Bow Attack Strategy (Coc Th 9)

-Place two Air Bombs on the top left and right areas of the base.

-Drop a level 5 Giant Bomb in the bottom center area of the base.

-Drop 3 Level 6 Wall Breakers next to where you dropped your Giant Bomb.

-Place 1 Hog Rider at each side of the base, preferably near the side walls. Place them far enough away so they won’t be targeted by defenses and close enough so they can reach the Dark Elixir Storage quickly.

Clan War TH10 Clan War Attack Strategy

When attacking a TH10 base, the key is to find a way to eliminate all of their air defenses without letting them destroy all of your air defenses. This can be accomplished by using giants for destroying the air defenses and then using an entire army for taking out the rest. Some other tips are to not let them draw any clan castle troops and make sure you have an inferno tower near the core where it’s most vulnerable.

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