The Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant: The Perfect Art of Japanese Cuisine

What do you know about The Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant?

I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese cuisine and was overjoyed when my friend told me that she had found the best Asian restaurant in town! The restaurant is called Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant and features the best food from Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam!

We decided to go there together with our families to celebrate my friend’s birthday and were amazed at the quality of service we received. We couldn’t have asked for better! While everyone was busy looking at the menu, one of the waiters approached us with their chef’s recommendations, and what a great choice it was!

Location and Hours

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Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant offers a variety of traditional and modern Asian dishes. From sushi to noodles and tempura, the restaurant has something for everyone. With a large menu and reasonable prices, the Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant is an excellent place for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or want to experience authentic Japanese cuisine, stop by the Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant today!

Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm, lunch is served from 11 am to 2:30 pm and dinner begins at 5 pm. The restaurant also serves late-night meals on Fridays and Saturdays. Reservations are not required but you can make them by phone or online.

Service and Ambiance

Aoki Pan is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves up the perfect blend of traditional, authentic Japanese cuisine in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We pride ourselves on serving only the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes that have been passed down for generations. Our chefs are masters in their craft, and they take pride in preparing each dish with care.

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Our menu features a variety of dishes so that you can find something to please your palate whether you’re in the mood for something light or hearty. We have an extensive sake list as well as an assortment of both domestic and imported beers, along with wine available by glass or bottle.

Popular Dishes

Aoki Pan is a restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine. They have all the classic dishes, such as miso soup, teriyaki chicken, seaweed salad, and tempura. In addition to those dishes, they also offer more exotic dishes, like sashimi and sushi.

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Aoki Pan offers a wide variety of food options for any occasion whether it be lunch with friends or dinner with family. When you step into this establishment, there is an ambiance that welcomes you with open arms. If you’re feeling up for trying something new and exciting try their red bean ice cream!

Vegan Options

Aoki Pan is a quaint, family-run restaurant that specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine. If you’re looking for something a little different than the typical sushi restaurant, then this is your place. They offer an extensive menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options, plus many gluten-free options. They also have a variety of specialty dishes including Chicken Pad Thai, Fried Rice with Veggies, and Vegetable Tempura.

Vegan Options at Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant

Customers can order online, or by calling in advance to get a takeout menu. The restaurant is located close to downtown Bozeman, Montana, and is open on both weekdays and weekends. With reasonable prices, friendly staff, and delightful food options, a visit to Aoki Pan is not to be missed!

If you’re looking for a new restaurant in Bozeman that offers specialty Asian cuisine and vegan options don’t miss out on Aoki Pan! Whether you dine in or take out, you’re sure to love everything about their quaint little eatery. Their wonderful staff and delicious dishes will leave you coming back time and time again! So come in today!

Beverages & Desserts

We offer sake, wine, beer, and a variety of desserts. Our most popular dessert is the Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream. Mochi is a type of rice cake that is pounded into paste and then formed into ice cream cakes that are dipped in green tea powder. We also offer a variety of Sushi Rolls like the Rainbow Roll which has assorted raw fish on top including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, and avocado topped with four kinds of colorful fish roe.

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If you are looking for a more filling and delicious meal, we have items like our Sushi Combo Platter. You can choose between two or three rolls depending on your hunger level and each platter comes with Miso Soup, Edamame (soybeans), salad, and a bowl of rice.

We also have Hibachi Combos which are served with shrimp appetizer, soup, and salad. Hibachi meals come with grilled chicken, filet mignon or shrimp served over a bowl of rice. Dessert is an important part of any meal so feel free to try one of our many desserts including Red Bean Mochi Ice Cream & Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream Cakes along with Green Tea Cheesecake, Green Tea Vanilla Pudding & Tempura Ice Cream.

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