Thousands of Toyota 2022 Tundra vehicles are being recalled.

In the US, Toyota is recalling over 46,000 2022 Tundra cars for safety reasons.
The Japanese carmaker claimed that some nuts on the recalled cars, including hybrid electric cars, can become looser over time.
The manufacturer stated in a statement that under some circumstances, these nuts may fail, perhaps leading to the separation of an axle shaft sub-assembly from the axle. The business added that if total separation were to take place, it may impact braking function and vehicle stability, raising the danger of a collision.

Toyota dealers will check the axle flange nuts on the thousands of affected vehicles and tighten them again. Depending on the results of the inspection, some axle-related parts may need to be completely replaced.
Owners of 2022 Toyota Tundra vehicles will be informed by the end of the month, according to Toyota.
By entering their VIN license plate at or, owners can find out if their vehicle is subject to the recall.

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