Top 10 best dialer apps for android in 2023

Try these top contact/dialer applications for your Android smartphone from 2023. Your dialer app will undoubtedly benefit from these applications.

These days, our closest companion is an Android phone. We perform practically all everyday tasks on our phones. All Android smartphones come pre-installed with the essential programs that we use every day. Typically, when we first buy our phones, we have no issues utilizing the preloaded apps.

But after a few days, we begin to think it’s a little dated and dull. To replace current standard functionality, we often opt to install apps from the Play Store. We prefer the Playstore app above the default apps regardless of the topic at hand, be it your phone’s dialer/contact app, user interface, browser, camera, music player, or navigation menu.

Let’s use the dialer app on our smartphone as an example. Calls and contacts are two common stock applications. Due to its dated design and decreased convenience, we often find the interface to be duller.

We may also need to combine contacts, divide them into different lists, keep phone numbers without names, etc. However, calling applications from current apps does not provide enough of these functionalities.

The Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android in 2023 are listed here, people. All of these applications offer enticing user interfaces and other features that are not included in our Android dialer by default.

1.ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

The company of this dialer and contacts program is ASUSTek Computer Inc.Essentially, it is the Asus phone’s native dialer program. One of the top-rated dialer applications in the Google Play market, if you wish to use this interface on your device. This program offers all the essential capabilities of a dialer app in addition to some useful exposure to other possibilities.


  • The blocking of numbers is possible.
  • Using intelligent search to find contacts,
  • A fantastic function of rapid dialing.
  • In addition, it makes it possible to customize the theme and use smart linking.
  • This application is the best in its class in terms of security features.
  • It secures your contacts and shields them from unauthorized access.

2.Dialer app by Simpler

One of the dialer applications on the Playstore with the most downloads is Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler. It is a slick and straightforward dialer program, as the creator’s name says. This app’s user interface (UI) is striking, cozy, straightforward, clean, and simple to use. Even though this application is free, you may upgrade some capabilities by purchasing the pro version.


  • Block telemarketers and other unwanted callers
  • Quick name & number searches with T9 Dialer
  • T9 dialer search is effective.
  • You can track out who phoned you while you were away.
  • Can text a group
  • Backup both your online and offline contact information.



With a ton of functions, Contact+ might be the greatest dialer software substitute for your native one. The designers of this app keep in mind that a dialer app should include all the functions that customers want in a dialer app. This program is made to include all the functions that make it an all-in-one smart app, including contact management, merging and duplicate detection, dialer, SMS, and calls log. Similar to other dialer programs, you may change the theme to suit your preferences.


  • able to filter spam SMS and calls
  • can combine similar connections
  • gives your stored contacts protection
  • It interfaces with various social media platforms including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Duo, and others.
  • Birthday notifications and call reminders are displayed.

4Caller ID – Spam Blocker, Phone Dialer & Contacts

You must download Caller ID, another highly regarded software from the Google Play Store, to use all of its capabilities. Its white user interface makes it more appealing to use. This program will gather all of your contact information after installation and turn your phone into an intuitive tool. This program is always the finest to accomplish its task efficiently when it comes to merging duplicate contacts, backup contacts, call recording, or smart call logs. This application performs better than planned.


  • Blocking spam and obtrusive calls
  • Caller ID and call log analytics
  • simple backup and restoration
  • can combine similar connections
  • Any calls should be captured on tape.
  • Make quick calls to your favorite people.

5. Showcaller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

Showcaller is one of the best-performing applications in its area since its name encompasses all of its capabilities. It has received over 10 million downloads and performs everything for which it was intended. This program is small and unassuming and is focused on recognizing caller ID, name, and area. Additionally, you may personalize the call log and contacts any way you like.

You can see if it is a cell or a landline, which is nice. This software stands apart from other apps because of a special feature called its offline database. It implies that it can recognize caller ID without utilizing a network. You will have the choice to upgrade to have access to certain extra services like automated spam call filtering.


  • Fast T9 search in your most recent calls and contacts with Smart Dialer
  • Find Phone Number
  • Dark theme component
  • Fast T9 search in your most recent conversations with Smart Dialer
  • Block Calls
  • Automatic HD call recording for incoming and outgoing calls

6. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

In 2023, CallApp will rank among the top dialer applications for Android thanks to its more than 50 million downloads. It indicates that more than 50 million people rely on this software to identify callers and stop robocalls. This program is renowned for its ability to identify SMS, filter spam calls, and display caller ID information.

Even many reviews claim that this program is excellent for figuring out caller IDs from unknown numbers. You can always know who contacted you thanks to CallApp’s reverse phone lookup, phone number search, contacts, block numbers, and blocker caller features. Using the caller id app from Call App. Even better, it offers a video ringtone that is seldom found in any other app. Mail them at [email protected] if you need any help with this app.


  • Blocking spam calls and SMS
  • It contains a video ringtone feature, as I previously indicated.
  • Automatically records calls
  • Block Calls
  • sets it as your default caller application.
  • Recognize unknown callers

7. Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker is another program that belongs on our list of the top dialer apps. I can claim that this software is among the most feature-rich ones available. This dialer application was created with outstanding UI elements to satisfy the user’s fundamental demands.

It performs well when it comes to calling blocking, phone number lookup, and a robust dialing interface, much like other applications. The fact that this program is merely 3MB in size and offers a ton of extra features is intriguing. Even though it is quite useful for tracking down unknown numbers, some numbers could not be located.


  • Dispute robocalls
  • strong dialer
  • Plain-text SMS and MMS
  • Calls are blocked
  • lookup of phone numbers

8. Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, spam block & payments

It’s doubtful that you haven’t heard of the appropriate caller app if you’re seeking for the greatest dialer software. The only app that receives daily downloads is this one. It indicates that this software is the greatest dialer app in the eyes of more than 500 million users. By removing undesirable callers, Truecaller allows you to connect with the people you want to.

It claims that it is the only app with the greatest database of phone numbers that supports efficient and safe communication. Additionally, Truecaller offers secure, quick money transactions. Contrary to popular belief, Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it accessible to the public or searchable. Their team has consistently disputed this, and I don’t believe they’re acting in this way.


  • can quickly recognize anyone’s call
  • Call logs, messages, and contacts may all be saved to Google Drive.
  • By name and number sequence, it blocks numbers.
  • It may be utilized as a payment app as well.
  • Block telemarketers and spam calls.
  • have a tool to record calls

9. Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls, and Phone Contacts

Eyecon Caller ID is first on the list after that. It resembles a solution to several issues in the caller ID market. Given that it is called EYECON, the term itself is justified by the distinctive quality of the user-friendly, visual-based design.

This app stands out among the other apps on the list thanks to its visual navigation or orientation design. Instead of merely reading words, you can effortlessly manage everything by utilizing symbols and graphics. Additionally, this software does not bombard users with too many pointless adverts, making the user interface simple to use.


  • precise caller id
  • picture-rich address book
  • Lookup of reversed numbers
  • logical dialer
  • Checker of availability30+ customizable features

10. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Another caller ID software on our list is free Call Blocker and Caller ID. This program has had more than 10 million downloads, so you can trust it. It assists in recognizing unfamiliar contacts and bans unknown contacts and numbers, just as other dialer applications. This program can locate callers, trace phone numbers, and identify unknown calls.

It also includes a special function that will enable you to joke around. This tool allows you to phone someone pretending to be someone else for fun. It offers a Do Not Disturb mode that allows you to choose a time during which all incoming calls will be blocked. These two distinguish this dialer software from others on the market. It provides capabilities comparable to those of other dialer applications.


  • There is a Do Not Disturb setting.
  • You may place phone calls.
  • There are several fantastic products offered.
  • gives you complete caller ID information.

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Therefore, we have reviewed all the top dialer apps of 2023 if you’re seeking for nice dialer software to manage your contacts and make calls on your Android device. The greatest applications for your phone have been installed after testing a variety of them. Choose the finest dialer app for you from our selection of the top 10 available for Android.

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