Businesses now manage their customer connections utilizing mobile CRM apps. These applications make it simple to access client data whenever and wherever you are. However, not every mobile CRM app is made equal. So what characteristics need to consider when picking a mobile CRM? What are the top CRM apps for mobile devices? In this blog article, we’ll provide you with the most important information.

The qualities of the best mobile CRM software

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Nowadays, sales are essentially a 24/7 business, so keeping in touch with clients while traveling requires a solid mobile app. You should look for these necessary characteristics in any mobile CRM.

Optimized interface for mobile devices

Instead of just porting desktop functions to a mobile device, CRM mobile solutions should offer a simple user interface. The software shouldn’t be confusing to use or disorganized. Instead of only providing a condensed version of the program, it should include the bulk of the features and functions offered in the desktop version.

It should specifically make it easier to find clients, take notes, support voice notes, and provide personalized push alerts.


Any mobile CRM must accommodate teams. All staff members should have access, and access should foster a cooperative sales process. Therefore, you’ll need a cloud-based application that supports team communications. In general, the program ought to improve team collaboration.

Smooth scanning

The main way that new potential clients will give their contact information is through business cards. It should be simple to scan them into a database with a CRM tool. The ability to rapidly upload a contact’s information may not seem significant, but it lessens the necessity for manual entry and the possibility that the information may be lost. The entire team will have quick access to it and you can quickly add important comments to it.

App Supported Devices

Given that the majority of users possess either an Android or an iPhone, finding CRM software that works with your smartphone shouldn’t be too challenging. However, an out-of-date operating system or a separate operating system could limit your choices for mobile CRM software.

Customer & Tech Support

Even the most popular applications on the app store occasionally have flaws or are not available. By choosing an app with a good reputation for customer care, you may decrease the impact that app difficulties have on your team even if you can’t completely prevent them. You may contact their support team when something goes wrong to get it fixed before it starts to impact your sales.

6 Best Mobile CRM Apps for 2023

The finest CRMs offer straightforward mobile applications so you can use your phone to directly access the features and functionality of desktop software. Mobile capability is a crucial element to consider when choosing the finest CRM software, in addition to the features that any CRM should have. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top mobile CRM applications.

HubSpot CRM

Although the free and premium levels of HubSpot CRM are outstanding, if you don’t have enough users, the cost of the subscription tiers may be out of your price range. However, the Hubspot CRM mobile app offers cutting-edge sales and marketing functions in addition to strong mobile capabilities. It works well for interdisciplinary teams.

One of its key mobile advantages is the capability to make tasks and reminders straight from the app. Therefore, this program is excellent for anyone who needs calendar reminders while they are on the go.

Key Features of HubSpot CRM:

Great Free Tier:

HubSpot offers one of the best free levels for both its desktop and mobile apps.

Immediate Pipeline Visibility:

A straightforward dashboard lets you view and monitor helpful data, statistics, and actions across the board.

Chat & Telephony:

Contact leads and prospects from your phone by using the app’s built-in dialer and the chat feature on your website.

Design with Teams in Mind:

Teams were considered when developing HubSpot. Whether you work in operations, sales, marketing, or customer service, HubSpot offers something for you.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a superb all-around CRM and is well-known for both its sales and marketing capabilities. It is the best CRM with a mobile app in terms of its functionality on smartphones. It offers Zia AI, an AI assistant that works similarly to Siri from Apple. You may use this tool to inquire about sales while you’re on the go.

You may utilize the map included in its mobile features to identify potential customers in your area and choose the best path to get there. Therefore, it is perfect for harried salesmen who need client information right away.

Key Features of Zoho CRM:

  • Sales Forecasting: With Zoho’s more expensive services, you can use Zia AI to request sales data and provide accurate sales forecasts for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Online lead management: To handle incoming leads while on the go, use efficient online lead management for social media, email, and other channels.
  • Task Management: To set reminders and keep track of important sales items, use Zoho’s mobile task management capabilities.
  • Prospect Mapping: The mapping feature in Zoho lets you search for possible customers in your region, browse their website and directory, and decide the best route to take to reach them.


You may manage business calls from your smartphone using a virtual phone. It is only one of the numerous mobile features that this top CRM program for mobile devices provides. Voice notes for recording while you’re on the move, Google Maps integration, and the choice to check in for meetings and other events so your team is aware of your actions are all available.

All of this is obviously in addition to their robust desktop functionality. As a result, Freshsales is a great option for those that need a multi-device solution.

Key Features of Freshsales:

  • Virtual Number: You may make and receive business calls directly from your smartphone using the virtual phone that is included in Freshsale.
  • Use the messaging capabilities of popular social networking sites like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp.
  • Mobile Check-in: Share your whereabouts with your team by checking in during live events like sales meetings and prospect visits.
  • For navigation to activities like meetings, integrate Google Maps directly with your CRM calendar.


Salesforce sets itself apart from its competitors by offering a broad selection of cutting-edge tools and capabilities available through its mobile app. It has become one of the greatest mobile CRM apps ever.

You can easily access your data and insights through customized dashboards and reports. Because it also offers strong lead and opportunity management from your mobile device, it’s great for salespeople and teams who need to handle a lot of data and prospects.

Key Features of Salesforce:

  • Rich reporting dashboards: Customize your reporting for in-depth insights and include your most important reports in a convenient mobile dashboard.
  • Reporting in real-time One of the few products on our list that provides real-time reporting and analytics is Salesforce.
  • Manage leads and opportunities across several pipelines to keep track of the most important deals.
  • Built-in Dialer: To call clients and prospects from your device, use Salesforce’s built-in phone dialer and call log.


Pipedrive is a visual CRM that offers a Kanban-style drag-and-drop pipeline for easy usage on the go. Additionally, it offers a large selection of mobile apps from third parties, including remote team support, chat apps and AI-powered bots, online customer surveys, and more. This makes it a terrific choice for salespeople wishing to increase the functionality of their CRM on their mobile devices.

Key Features of Pipedrive:

  • Pipedrive offers a sizable selection of third-party apps for iOS and Android, making it simple to customize your company.
  • With the help of the LeadBooster Add-On Service, which enables you to gather both incoming and outbound leads, you may improve lead generation.
  • Sync with Microsoft and Google: With Pipedrive, you can sync your contacts and calendar with Google and Microsoft.
  • Support for services: Pipedrive offers technical support for all of its service offerings through email or online chat around-the-clock.


Scanning business cards, checking digital requests, and keeping an eye on projects from your smartphone are all made simple with the CRM and project management software Insightly.

To better monitor potential clients and ongoing client projects, it also allows you to isolate your sales process from your project pipeline. Insightly CRM is excellent for salespeople or teams who generate leads, complete deals, and oversee projects across several locations.

Key Features of Insightly:

  • Scan Business Cards: All of the business cards you’ve collected from conferences, seminars, and other trade fairs may now be stored digitally.
  • Record Digital Notes: You can manage customers, keep track of your daily agenda, or take notes on just about anything with the integrated ability to record digital voice notes.
  • Integrated project management: Managing numerous projects daily is made simple by Insightly’s mobile project management views.
  • Mobile security is provided by Insightly, which also offers standard authentication, continual two-factor data encryption, and single sign-on.


Even though we’ve highlighted some of the top mobile CRM applications available, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all CRMs are made equal. A mobile CRM for your company should include the aforementioned crucial features, so be sure to hunt for one. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you’re looking for a top-notch mobile CRM that satisfies the particular requirements of your own company. We would be delighted to assist you in locating the ideal solution for your company.

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