What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok? Everything About the New Cool Slang

You must have heard about a brand-new online lingo, but if you still don’t know what it is, don’t panic.

You won’t be left out of conversations with your friends or followers when they use the term “Rizz” since we have you covered with its definition.

Every day and every week, new tasks, idioms, and phrases appear on the internet. From TikTok to Twitter to Instagram, the journey of trends changing is never-ending.

But despite the commotion, the buzz surrounding this slang phrase is worthwhile. You’ll be happy to learn that it originates from someone you’ve probably already watched.

Let’s investigate the slang’s history and underlying meaning.

What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok?

Let’s begin with the query our readers inquire about most frequently. The term “Rizz” was created by Kai cent, a Twitch streamer, and YouTube celebrity. In reality, the word “frizz” implies “to acquire a female” or “to up your game.” Did you miss it?

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Silky: I saw you conversing with Rachel over there. Did you obtain her contact information?

Kai: I agree! Rizz, you are aware of my rage.

You now comprehend why this terminology is often used online. Similar to the Twitch streamer, there has also been discussion on the internet regarding who has more Rizz.

The Unspoken Rizz

Along with the slang term “Rizz,” there is also a more advanced slang term known as “Unspoken Rizz.” In addition to the traditional slang Rizz, the Unspoken Rizz has taken the internet by storm.

It resembles a more advanced kind of slang. The term “Rizz” is used to describe a man who is good at picking up women, but the Unspoken Rizz is a little different.

Unspoken Rizz is a man who charms ladies with his physical appeal and charisma without ever speaking to them, as the name indicates.

The Unspoken Rizz

And that is rather difficult. And the men that do it are deserving of the moniker Unspoken Rizz. Rizz’s effect is pervasive even when unspoken. Moreover, a higher level indicates that men are receiving respect.

You’ll be shocked to learn that although the phrase has been in use since June 2021, it just recently gained traction online.

What are the frizz levels?

Kai has developed ‘frizz grades’ in three different levels.

Level W is the highest, followed by Levels V and L.

Content producers have imitated Kai’s example and even released their pizza guides.

Even the more uncommon “unspoken frizz” exists.

Unspoken frizz, as defined by HITC, is a man’s capacity to seduce a woman just based on his appearance.

Little About Kai Cenat: The Creator of The Slang ‘Rizz’

Now that you are aware of the meaning of the slang, let’s find out a little bit more about Kai Cenat, who developed it with his friends. Kai is a well-known social media influencer, live streamer, and YouTuber. He is renowned for producing excellent web material.

He’s become a well-known Instagram comedic personality because of his snappy and original meme-based comedy routines. The streamer has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers as a result of his distinctive content style.

Also, he has over 2.11 million subscribers to his comedy YouTube channel of the same name. More than one million people have seen Kai’s YouTube video.

You may subscribe to Kia’s YouTube account, which contains a tonne of videos to keep his fans engaged if you want to witness his friends pulling amusing pranks on him.

How much Rizz did you receive, then? Or are you truly unique? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. There will probably be a lot of discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Rizz mean on TikTok?

Men exploit the new TikTok phase known as “Rizz” to woo women.

2. Who created the word Rizz on TikTok?

Men exploit the new TikTok phase known as “Rizz” to woo women.

3. Is the Rizz helpful for men on TikTok?

Yes. On social media, some males had the chance to impress ladies by using the term.

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