What is happening in the years 1720 plague, 1820 cholera epidemic, 1920 Spanish Flu, and 2020 Chinese coronavirus


ISLAMABAD: Plague in 1720, cholera in 1820, Spanish flu in 1920, and Chinese coronavirus in 2020. What is going on? published on January 25, 2020, and February 18, 2020, in international media. The globe appears to be ravaged by a pandemic every 100 years. We may name the following most recent pandemics: The plague of 1720, the cholera epidemic of 1820, and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1920 were the most recent pandemics. All of the above-mentioned pandemics, according to the experts, follow the same exact pattern as that of the coronavirus epidemic in China. However, the accuracy at which these pandemics strike at precisely 100 years of age helps us reconsider this issue. Are these pandemics being fabricated in some way by a bad organization? A fatal bubonic plague outbreak struck in 1720. The “Great Plague of Marseille” was the name given to the outbreak that began in Marseille. The researchers calculated that there were 100,000 fatalities. Somewhere in Asia, the first cholera epidemic struck in 1820. We may mention Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines as being among the afflicted nations. And roughly the same number of individuals have died from this epidemic. around 100,000 fatalities were formally reported. Consuming water from lakes with this deadly bacteria is the primary cause of illness. One of the most persistent pandemics happened in 1920. That’s the Spanish flu, which has killed 100 million people and infected an estimated 500 million people. The worst epidemic in history that has been formally documented in the Spanish flu. Today is 2020. A new possible pandemic known as the coronavirus is threatening humanity around the time of the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu. The situation quickly escalated despite the Chinese authorities’ reluctance to issue public declarations and pleas for calm.

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