With “undeniable proof” of paternity, Prince Charles, Camilla’s alleged son, criticises the royal family.


Following the finding of “undeniable proof” of his paternity, Simon Dorante-Day, the purported love child of Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla, drops a massive bombshell on the royal family.

Photos from her younger years that have been uploaded to Facebook serve as the “evidence.” A message that states, “The courts evaluate physical similarities or genetic attributes when examining paternity claims, especially when DNA testing is not readily available,” was placed next to the photographs.

Even after learning of the results, he spoke with 7News about them and told the public, “All course, I have such a lot more proof than simply images to back up my assertions – and all of our research is checkable & easily accessible.”

For those who are unaware, Mr. Dorante-Day has been trying since 2018 to convince Prince Charles & Camilla to take a paternity test, and he vows he “won’t rest” until he receives the results.\

To make the matter worse, Mr. Dorante-Day might stake a claim against the British monarchy if the paternity question is resolved because he is older than Prince Charles’ oldest son, Prince William.

During the interview, he made mentioned his first lawsuit and continued, “My first lawsuit was in 2018, and my legal struggles still go on today. I want to handle this properly so that our family then I can receive the answers we’ve been waiting for.

Mr. Dorante-Day, an adoptive who was born on April 5, 1966, was eight months old when he was placed in his forever family.

With “undeniable proof” of paternity, Prince Charles, Camilla’s alleged son, criticizes the royal family.
When Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip employed his adoptive grandparents, they frequently informed them that he was the child of Prince Charles and Camilla.

For comparison, it is claimed that the couple started dating well before he was born.

He also claims that Camilla appeared to be missing from the British social scene during the nine months before his birth, while Prince Charles was being dispatched to Australia at the same time.

He mentioned his birth certificate’s discrepancies as evidence of his royal birth in his closing remarks.

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